Mercury Express Couriers – Content – 07 Testimonials


The efficient and timely service from Mercury Express Couriers has proven invaluable to the daily operation of Nu-Art Signs more than once. Whether they deliver signs, permits or simple paperwork, our clients are always impressed their courteous, professional couriers. Thanks, Mercury Express!!

Wayne L. Grabein
Nu-Art Signs
1222 16th Street
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Tel: 305.672.4382
Fax: 305.538.8314


I want to thank you and your team at Mercury Express Couriers for doing such a great for us and our clients.ur company performs urgent computer data recovery services for companies and individuals with the goal of turning a catastrophe into an inconvenience. Needless to say my clients are frequently extremely stressed. Your drivers make a great impression on my clients every time. In fact, some of my clients have subsequently hired Mercury Express Couriers.

Your drivers show up when expected, act professionally, and help reinforce the professionalism of the service my clients are expecting. In my business it is important to show the client we do things properly and with no surprises. Many times the clients are literally entrusting the survival of their businesses to DataRecoveryPeople.com. Your team is an important part of our demonstration of reliability. Your guys do what is expected and frequently more.

Thanks again for not only doing your job of reliably getting our packages from place to place, but for supporting my professional image while you do it.

Ken Smith
Data Recovery People, a division of
Adaptive Research & Design Company
13499 Biscayne Blvd., Tower Suite 2
North Miami, FL 33181
305-944-1330 888-596-3282 Fax 305-944-1320
Recovering and protecting your critical data since 1989


You’ve asked me to share my experience in working with you and your firm, which I am very pleased to share. My CPA and I worked over several months to bring my corporate and personal taxes into alignment, and no matter how hard we worked, we ended up facing a same-day deadline.

Your courier (“the guys in the ties”) showed up to my CPA’s office to retrieve the documents in downtown on-time, and then delivered to me for signature in North Miami on-time, and then took the documents to the main U.S. Post Office way out in West Miami, to ensure that they were postmarked on the due date, while then bringing the confirmation back to me/my office – ALL IN THE SAME DAY!

That is “above-and-beyond” service, and the very type of customer-focus that will not only keep your business alive, but THRIVING through any economy.

It was a pleasure to work with you and your team!



Jeffrey J. Stay
Founder, Executive Director & CEO
BNI Miami-Dade, Inc.
“Building Profitable Relationships”
www.bnimiami.com www.bni.com
Direct: 305-986-2673

My law office is a frequent user of Mercury Express Couriers. We have used Mercury not only to deliver time sensitive material consisting of letters, pleadings and documents but also bulk materials as large as 10 file boxes. We have found Mercury to be inherently reliable and trust them with the most time sensitive deliveries. Their rates are competitive with other delivery companies that we have previously used in Miami-Dade County. When requested, a delivery is also confirmed by phone. Mercury’s personnel foster a favorable impression of my office because of their professional attire. I heartily recommend Mercury Express Couriers for any and all of your delivery needs in the South Florida area.

Jay Levy, Esq.
Law Firm of Jay Levy, PA
Commercial Litigator
“Top 100 Lawyers in Florida”

Dear Joel,

“The best at what they do!” says Bianca Moreiras. “I have been a client of Courthouse express for over 25 years. They are always on time all the time. Their professionally dressed couriers give the appearance that they are part of our own organization.” Bianca Moreiras has worked in the legal field for over 27 years. She is the President of ADMIN911 a legal consulting service. She has been employed as Firm Administrator for Bedzow & Korn, Aventura,FL; Adorno & Yoss, Boca/WPB, FL; and Isriel Ponzoli Keller & Simpson, Miami, FL. 2/24/2011

Bianca Moreiras
305-986-0905 cell


Mercury Express Couriers, has done a wonderful job, and we are thrilled with the level of service we have received thus far. In an age where cordiality, consideration and competency seem like quaint anachronisms- an age where going the extra mileoften incurs a fee- your organization has distinguished itself through the exemplification of those very virtues. You and your staff should be commended. We find in your commitment to quality service a reflection of our own, and with that particular shared value we can anticipate continued interaction with many beneficial returns. We look forward to a long and fruitful business relationship.
Thank you,

Jorge Baboun, Principal
Sudsies Dry Cleaners
“Your Clothes Will Love Us”


Even though I won’t be attending the BNI Wednesday morning meetings any longer I wanted to let you know that Mercury Express will continue to be MadisonSouth’s courier service.
Through the years your messengers have been the link between us, our clients, and the various publications we place ads in.
With your help we have not missed one deadline and look forward to many more years working with you.

Richard Rosen
Managing Partner, MadisionSouth an advertising agency.

Dear Joel,

The story starts out with a wrong address for UPS who would not go the extra mile and deliver a package to a well known hotel in Miami. They were going to ship it back to us when our client needed it desperately that day. We called your service and asked if you could pick it up from UPS and deliver it to the hotel and you agreed. But, when you got to the UPS station, the box had not come back in as of yet . UPS said it was at the station for pick up but your courier was kind enough to wait for the package and then deliver it. Being in the customer service business myself, I have to compliment the great customer service your company exhibited by first, taking care of the situation, and then following up with phone calls to us to pass along delivery information. We had to put our trust in your organization to do what we needed and what our customer needed , and being out of state and having you take care of our situation in the professional way you did, I personally wanted to thank you and compliment all your staff that were involved. Excellent work! If you ever need a reference , please put my name down.

Richard Ness
Founding Partner
Document Technologies, Inc.
World Class Technology. Local Commitment.
105 West Adams Street Ste 1200
Chicago, IL 60603
Office Phone 312-739-9999
Cell Phone 312-617-4695

Dear Joel,

Mercury Express Couriers…Dependable, Quick and Always Well-Priced…Why call anyone else?

Elaine Sisman
Keyes Realtor and
Calligraphy by Elaine, Inc owner