Mercury Express Couriers and Courthouse Express Legal Couriers provide a full range of document, delivery and filing services for lawyers and other companies across South Florida.

Mercury Express Couriers is our all-purpose business and commercial delivery and courier service. We’ve worked with everyone from corporate manager to candy stores. Common tasks we assist our clients with include:

On-Demand and Rush Delivery Specialist 24/7 Run errands; Special Occasion Gift Deliveries
Parts and Supplies Pick-up/Drop-off for Auto, Airplane, Yacht and Construction Companies Assist Multi-branch Companies with Interoffice runs
White Glove Concierge Delivery for Hotels and Condominiums Deliver equipment and supplies between Hospitals, Department Stores and Vendors
Assist Freight Forwarders with Document processing and retrievals

Courthouse Express Couriers is our service for the South Florida legal profession. We use professionally-trained legal couriers, notaries and suitably-dressed drivers to attend to your legal and courtroom needs. We can help with:

Courthouse Filings Mobile Notary Public
Service of Process, Summonses or Subpoenas Permit Expeditors
Courthouse Case File Document Retrieval Use of a Trained Courier by the Hour, Day, Week or Month
Public Records Research Obtain Visas and Other Foreign Language Documents at All International Consulates
Delivery of Legal Boxes and Exhibits to the Courthouse