Courthouse Express Couriers

Courthouse Express, our legal division, is an attorney-owned and managed business comprised of certified process servers and legally trained management and staff. Your personnel will no longer waste valuable billing hours performing unproductive tasks; our extensive knowledge of the local legal landscape ensures your employees’ productivity will increase measurably and favorably impact your bottom line.

Our state of the art communication system and legally trained staff guarantees you will never again hear excuses such as “we can’t find it” or “it’s not in the clerk’s file.” No excuses, ever. Wherever it is, whatever it takes, we will get it done in a timely, efficient manner. Our proven reliability combined with a legal mindset and specially trained personnel is specifically geared toward attorney’s needs and requirements. We know exactly how valuable your time is and that it is oftentimes in short supply. Let us take the burden of time-consuming tasks off you and your staff.

Our legal delivery services include:

Process Servers – we believe our process servers are the best in the business. All returns are faxed and mailed; originals are filed with the court.
Legal Assistants – our expert staff will obtain public records including case file information, judgments, liens, UCC filings, fictitious names, mortgages, deeds and more. We can also obtain folio numbers, pay tax bills and perform legal research.
Mobile Public Notary – we can obtain signatures on pleadings, contracts, deeds and notarize other legal documents as needed saving you significant time and effort.

Our routes and services also include:

Ongoing Scheduled Deliveries Courthouse Filings
Permit Expeditors – Pulling Code Permits for Any Type of Construction Public Records Research And Document Retrieval Services
Acquisition of Visas From Various Embassies and/or Consulates Summons and Subpoenas
Personal Errands

Save time, money, stress, and unnecessary traffic time with Courthouse Express!

We can deliver your packages or documents based on your requirements:

On-Demand – Delivery Within 2 to 4 Hours Dedicated – Immediate Pickup and Direct Delivery
On-Demand/Rush – Delivery Within 90 Minutes

Don’t take a chance with your important legal documents. Your